Titanic’s End is a new mutant vehicle making its debut on the playa in 2022. It will be the world’s largest art car and experiential platform for climate change. The vehicle is designed as a giant interactive iceberg, which will serve to bring sustainability to the forefront of the cultural conversation. Our mission is aligned with that of Burning Man’s 2030 Sustainability Roadmap.


Created by artists and engineers from Camp Bao Chicka Wow Wow, Titanic’s End is slated to be the largest art car in the history of Burning Man at 55 feet long by 35 feet tall. Featuring a state-of-the-art 6000+ Danley Audio System, 120,000 LEDs, lasers, projection mapping, and a chilled interior lounge ice lounge, this art car will be a spectacle for the senses.


Designed as a tall iceberg, this art car is meant to raise awareness for climate change and the preservation of Antarctica. Our vehicle is designed to have a net positive impact on the climate. Beyond a full ecological footprint analysis, a CARB Tier 3 Generator, and complete carbon offset, we will be hosting artists that are passionate about positively impacting the environment. Titanic’s End is designed to drive action to solve the critical climate crisis.